Run Webinars Like a Pro With WebinarJamStudio

Say goodbye to those expensive and complicated webinar systems for good. Now with WebinarJamStudio you can run your own webinars easily.

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Webinars Are the Perfect Tool For Your Business

It's no coincidence that all the big marketers are using webinars in their business.

Webinars can be used to help you:

  • Build a List
  • Sell your products or services
  • Build brand awareness
  • Deliver training
  • and much more..


Reasons Why You Need to Purchase Webinar Jam Studio

If you’re an online marketer, you know that holding webinars are effective tools in promoting your products. However, the current go-to solution which is GoToWebinar is mighty expensive and has limited features.

Enter my good friends Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins – both software developers and awesome internet marketers. They’ve created a worthy solution that is comparable to GoToWebinar and overcomes its limitations.

As necessity being the mother of invention, Mike & Andy produced Webinar Jam Studio. Now on its rebirth, here are the 10 reasons why Webinar Jam Studio is a must for all online marketers.

    1. Become a master virtual presenter and offer a rich multimedia experience to your customers. Rich multimedia is a combination of presentations, animations, full motion video and high fidelity sound.
    2. Maximize the power of desktop broadcasting through the use of the “Video Engine”. Provide a perfectly crafted presentation, demo or close which has your perfect pitch.
    3. A cool Studio Control Panel that provides a complete admin dashboard that lets you keep in a separate tab or a separate screen that shows your attendees (how many people are in the room), polls, surveys, questions, and your chat is separate from the questions.
    4. Active Offers can easily be managed right above your chat. You can put a call to action button and tease people about the price until you’re ready to make the offer. No need to put in a slide or URL for your offer. An urgency countdown timer and scarcity unit display is provided as well.
    5. Be able to use the Perfect Close every time you hold a webinar jam session.
    6. Use of Feedback Flow where interaction is not only in the chatroom but also can be used to promote different items and display it as a lower third. Testimonials from the audience, questions and answers, and social proofing will be posted as lower thirds.
    7. Social proof for customers. A code is enabled in the thank you page that’s why Webinar jam is aware when people buy. All buyers move at the top of the chat with the shopping cart logo and they’re given priority so you'll know who your buyers are. Social proof is all about taking action and it gives credibility right in the webinar without having to think about it.
    8. Attendee Spotlight lets 2 things happen:
      1. The person can raise her hand -- when you want to do interactive Q&A
      2. You can invite somebody to speak
      This is great for Q&A and for training or hotseats or landing pages where you can bring somebody in and talk.
    9. Replica Replay – A link to the replay is provided before the session even started. So you can write the draft email and just save it and the second that you're done, you can hit Send and send out a replay. It also keeps track of the chat that happened in real time.
    10. Lastly, is the price.
      It's not just about the price. Webinar Jam has the lowest price in the market, with lots of features and will surely help you be an effective marketer if you're using webinars to promote your products.

It's not a question of should you be doing hangouts or webinar jam sessions but it's really about what platform are you goanna use?

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